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Gardening Supplies

Outdoor Furniture, Wind Chimes, Outdoor Clocks, Bird Houses, Feeders & Feed, Hats & Work Gloves, Fertilizer, Seed & Mulch, Fertrell® Organic Fertilizer, Pest Control, Gardening Tools, Edging & Borders, Lawn Ornaments and more.

Organic Gardening
Organics grow healthy plants and lawns. Fruits and vegetables will be full of healthy nutrients and not pesticides. We are the source for all of your organic gardening needs.

Benefits of organics:

  • Decreased pesticides • Encourage beneficial microorganisms • Protect the environment • Creates healthy soil
  • Encourages beneficial insects • Emulates nature’s processes in your garden • Reduces weeding and water waste

Elegant Indoor/Outdoor self-watering planters. Your plants will grow better in Lechuza's self-monitoring internal irrigation system.

  • Sub-irrigation system makes plant care easy
  • Up to 12 weeks between watering
  • Never over-water your plants again
  • Comes in many shapes and styles