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Your Farm and Garden carries a variety of glazed pottery, with plenty of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from. Achieve any style for your home or add accents to your garden with our selection of glazed pottery! 

  • Manufacturer: Black Gold Soils, Mixes & Fertilizer

Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Soil is so versatile it works for everything from hanging baskets to raised vegetable beds. This is not just any soil, it’s a precise blend of everything your plants need to look their best and produce abundantly. Because it’s listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute, you can be sure your organic food crops grown in this enriched soil remain blessedly chemical free.

Handcrafted in the Humboldt Nation. Your potted plants deserve the best. Their roots can’t seek out nutrients in the ground, so you have to bring it to them. That’s why Happy Frog® Potting Soil is alive with beneficial microbes and fungi that help break down organic matter and feed the plant roots.

  • Manufacturer: FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company

Good Things From the Earth and Sea! The ultimate potting soil—everything your plants need, in one bag. Ocean Forest® is a powerhouse blend of premium earthworm castings, bat guano, and sea-going fish and crab meal.

  • Manufacturer: Coast of Maine

Bumper Crop Organic Grower’s Mix is an incredibly, biologically diverse growing medium designed to increase budding and yield in all your container plants! It is carefully formulated using natural ingredients and proper composting methods that result in a consistent growing medium. Our exclusive recipe provides an ideal balance between water retention, soil texture, drainage and aeration.

  • Manufacturer: Coast of Maine

Good for all outdoor and indoor container plants! A blend of sphagnum peat moss, composted hen manure, shellfish, perlite and very old dark bark. It is also pH adjusted with lime as needed. This is our signature potting soil – arguably the finest you have ever tried! It is perfectly suited for houseplants and all general garden planting. A rich, earthy blend made with natural and organic ingredients with a special water saving formula. Available in 1 and 2 cubic foot and 16 and 8 quart bags at selected retailers.

  • Manufacturer: Fertrell

Blend Super Plus lightly into the soil before seeding. On lawns, broadcast with drop spreader. Fertrell's Super Plus All-Purpose Fertilizer is rich in natural organics and is safe for people and pets. 

Our goal is to add beauty and value to your home while working within your budget. We have the expertise to create installations that will turn your yard into a relaxing retreat. 

Talavera pottery is a collection of hand painted Mexican ceramic flower pots and vases, decorative wall art and dinnerware. Authentic Talavera pottery only comes from the city of Puebla and the nearby communities of Atlixco, Cholula, and Tecali, because of the quality of the natural clay found there and the tradition of production which goes back to the 16th century.

A garden tool is any one of many tools made for gardens and gardening and overlaps with the range of tools made for agriculture and horticulture. The right garden tools make any job in the garden easier, whether you're planting, weeding, pruning, or clearing leaves. 

Spreaders are an easy way to spread grass seeds & fertilizers across your lawn. Shop our selection of broadcast spreaders, handheld garden spreaders, or walk behind spreaders. easy to maintain; use a garden hose to clean the spreader after each use. After it's clean and dry, apply a light machine oil to metal parts in the wheels and spreader mechanism.

Metal yard and garden statues are whimsical statement pieces for your home, lawn & garden. We carry a unique collection of wind spinners & garden art that is sure to enchant and relax!

Add a look of elegance to your garden with outdoor fountains. Cast stone fountains will help create your relaxing outdoor environment with many styles, sizes and designs available. 

From small to life sized and larger, you can choose that perfect peice to give your yard or garden a unique and interesting focal point and topic of conversation! From whimsical to fantasy to real life imitations - we have a selection that will please you.

Traditional ceramics (pottery) are made from materials that are derived from common, naturally occurring raw materials such as clay minerals and quartz sand. We have a wide variety and great selection of traditional pottery for all of your planting or garden needs - as individual as you!

Wind chimes naturally find a way to chime in every chance they get. Assisted by the wind, all of our garden chimes have a unique sound and tone. Chimes are a relaxing and visually interesting asset to your outdoor living area. We carry a variety of wood & metal chimes.

Trees are not only beautiful but they play a significant role in reducing erosion and moderating the climate. Trees provide shade and shelter, timber for construction, fuel for cooking and heating, and fruit for food as well as having many other uses. We carry: Oaks, Magnolias, Palms, Bottlebrushs, Hollys and more!

A fruit tree is a tree which bears fruit that is consumed or used by humans and some animals — all trees that are flowering plants produce fruit, which are the ripened ovaries of flowers containing one or more seeds. We carry: Mango Trees, Avacado Trees, Citrus Trees, Agave Trees, Mulberry Fruit Trees, Olive Trees, Peach Trees, Passion Fruit Trees, Guava Trees, Lemon Trees, Loquat Fruit Trees, Lychees Fruit Trees, June Plum Trees,  Banana Trees, Grape Trees, Jack Fruit Trees, and more!

Vegetables are plants or plant parts consumed by humans. But there isn't any greater joy than going to your very own garden to collect, harvest, cook and consume the very fruits of your own labor! We carry: various vegetable plants & seeds.

Generally, herbs are any plants used for food, flavoring, medicine, or fragrances for their savory or aromatic properties. Whether you enjoy spicing up home-cooked meals with fresh flavors or simply take delight in the splendid fragrances, flowers, and foliage of various herbs in your garden or containers, we carry the best selections!

Shrub (and bushes) are a small to medium-sized woody plant. They are distinguished from trees by their multiple stems and shorter height, usually under 6 m (20 ft) tall. They add color and interest to your landscape and shrubs are great for wildlife, too! We carry: Oleander, Buttonwood, Podocarpus, Viburnum, Philodendrons and more!

Perennials are the foundation plant of the garden. The proper term, “herbaceous perennial,” applies to plants that die back to the ground in fall then send up fresh growth in the spring. There are perennials that will thrive in every part of your outdoor living area - from bright to part sun to full shade and literally every soil condition! We carry: Colocasia, Bromeliads, Tabebuia, Jasmine, Ginger, Ferns, Dracaena. Crape Myrtle. Ixora, Croton, Ficus, Ornamental Grasses, Hibiscus, Allamanda, Passion Flower, Bamboo, Bougainvillea, Viburnum, Butterfly Plants and more!

An annual plant is a plant that completes its life cycle, from germination to the production of seed, within one year, and then dies. Annuals are a go-to solution for many garden needs. Annual flowers are a quick way to fill empty spots in flowerbeds, and early-blooming spring annuals make great additions to container gardens. We carry: Kalancio, Geraniums, Impatiens, Petunias, Sunpations, Begonias, Pansies, Supertunia and more!

  • Manufacturer: Lechuza® Self-Watering Planters
  • Model Number: 13360

Featuring a surface that is robust, yet soft to the touch, this new planter’s spherical shape brings out the beauty in plants both indoors and out.