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Caring For Holiday Poinsettias

Caring For Holiday Poinsettias

Poinsettias are the most popular plant to use in decorating homes for the holidays.  This year they will be arriving at our Garden Center around November 15th.  Along with the familiar red and white, we will be carrying a number of the flashier hybrids including:

Gold Rush                                         Tapestry

Green Envy                                       Peppermint Ruffles

Orange Spice                                    Ice Crystal

Winter Rose Red                               Cortez Burgandy

Princettia Dark Pink                         Sonora White Glitter

With proper care, these lovely plants can brighten your home for the entire holiday season.  Begin by choosing healthy, full plants with dark green foliage.  Be careful when transporting them as the branches break easily.  They will prefer to be inside your home since they do best in cooler temperatures.  Place them in bright areas of your home but not in direct sunlight.  Poinsettias like to be kept moist – not too wet or too dry.  Check them daily and add water when the surface begins to dry.  When you do add water, water them thoroughly until water seeps out of the drain at the bottom of the pot.  If they are in a saucer discard the excess water.  If you follow these few simple directions you should be able to enjoy the beauty of your Poinsettias the entire holiday season.  We will receive new shipments of plants each week from mid-November until mid-December.  If there is a particular color or variety that you are interested in call the store at 941-366-4954 and we can tell you when they will be in stock.